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Ólhv Hryn 2II/4 — borð ‘the ship-planks’

Orð sendi þá jǫfri Þrœnda
afrendr konungr víða lendum;
fólkprúðr keyrði flota breiðan
— flugu borð of haf — stillir norðan.
Fyrðar mæltu á hendr sem harðast
— hófsk ǫnn af því lendum mǫnnum —
— errinn bjó með herskip harri
Hákarlastrǫnd — frǫmum jarli.

Afrendr konungr sendi þá orð víða lendum jǫfri Þrœnda; fólkprúðr stillir keyrði breiðan flota norðan; borð flugu of haf. Fyrðar mæltu sem harðast á hendr frǫmum jarli; af því hófsk ǫnn lendum mǫnnum; errinn harri bjó Hákarlastrǫnd með herskip.

The valiant king then sent word to the wide-landed prince of the Þrœndir [= Skúli]; the battle-brave ruler led a great fleet from the north; the ship-planks flew across the sea. People spoke very harshly against the excellent jarl; from this there arose trouble for the district chieftains; the bold lord filled Hákarlastrǫnd with warships.


[4] borð: borg F



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