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Anon Liðs 2I/8 — skreiðask ‘creep’

Margr ferr Ullr í illan
oddsennu dag þenna
frár, þars fœddir órum,
fornan serk, ok bornir.
Enn á enskra manna
ǫlum gjóð Hnikars blóði;
vart mun skald í skyrtu
skreiðask hamri samða.

Margr frár Ullr oddsennu ferr þenna dag í illan fornan serk, þars órum fœddir ok bornir. Enn ǫlum gjóð Hnikars á blóði enskra manna; skald mun vart skreiðask í skyrtu samða hamri.

Many a fierce Ullr <god> of the point-quarrel [BATTLE > WARRIOR] gets this day into the foul old shirt in which we were born and brought up [lit. brought up and born]. Once again let us nourish the osprey of Hnikarr <= Óðinn> [RAVEN] on the blood of English men; the skald will scarcely creep into a shirt put together by the hammer.


[8] skreiðask: ‘skædaz’ , ‘skødaz’ 20dˣ, 873ˣ, ‘skódast’ 41ˣ


[8] skreiðask ‘creep’: Scholars have suggested that underlying this word may be an Anglo-Saxonism that confused the copyists. Guðbrandur Vigfússon (CPB II, 107 n.) tentatively restored skrýðaz and Hofmann (1955, 64-70, apparently independently) refined this to *skréðask ‘clothe, adorn oneself’ representing a conjectured OE dialectal *scrēdan for West Saxon scrȳdan ‘to issue with clothing’. The normal OWN adaptation of OE scrȳdan is skrýða. The related ON skrúð ‘ornament, equipment’ is also thought to be a loan word from OE (AEW: skrúð). ODan. *skréðask could have been ‘restored’ to a diphthongised form skreiðask by OWN speakers (cf. Brøndum-Nielsen 1928, 315-16) under the influence of the verb skreiðask ‘to slide, creep’ (Poole 1987, 284).



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