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Sigv Víkv 2I/6 — ór ‘for’

Þar vas enn, es ǫnnur
Ôleifr — né svik fôlusk —
odda þing í eyddri
Eysýslu gekk heyja.
Sitt ôttu fjǫr fótum
— fár beið ór stað sára —
enn, þeirs undan runnu,
allvaldr, búendr gjalda.

Þar vas enn, es Ôleifr gekk heyja ǫnnur þing odda í eyddri Eysýslu; svik né fôlusk. Allvaldr, búendr, þeirs runnu undan, ôttu enn gjalda fótum fjǫr sitt; fár beið sára ór stað.

There it came about also that Óláfr proceeded to hold other assemblies of weapon-points [BATTLES] in destroyed Saaremaa; treachery was not hidden. Mighty ruler, the farmers who ran away had again their feet to thank [lit. to repay] for their lives; few stood waiting for wounds.


[6] ór: í J2ˣ, 78aˣ


[6] beið ór stað ‘stood waiting for’: Lit. ‘waited for from [their] position, waited for in that place’. For this idiom, see Fritzner: bíða 1 and ONP: bíða A1, also Hávh Lv 11/4V (Háv 12).



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