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Sigv ErfÓl 7I/6 — bróðir ‘brother’

Þórð frák þat sinn herða
— þreifsk sókn — með Ôleifi
(góð fóru þar) geirum
gǫrt víg (saman hjǫrtu).
Stǫng bar hôtt fyr Hringa
hjaldrmóðum gram bróðir
— fullt vann — fagrla gyllta
framlundaðr Ǫgmundar.

Frák Þórð þat sinn herða gǫrt víg geirum með Ôleifi; sókn þreifsk; góð hjǫrtu fóru þar saman. Framlundaðr bróðir Ǫgmundar bar hôtt fagrla gyllta stǫng fyr hjaldrmóðum gram Hringa; vann fullt.

I heard that Þórðr on that occasion intensified the full-scale battle with spears alongside Óláfr; the attack flourished; noble hearts advanced there together. The eager-spirited brother of Ǫgmundr [= Þórðr] carried high the beautifully gilded standard-pole before the battle-bold prince of the Hringar [NORWEGIAN KING = Óláfr]; he exerted himself to the utmost.


[6] bróðir: bróður 61, 75e 4, 325V, Flat, Tóm, bróðir corrected from bróður 325VII


[6, 8] bróðir Ǫgmundar ‘brother of Ǫgmundr’: Nothing is known of Ǫgmundr and whether he was also Fólason.



case: nom.


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