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Anon Alpost 8VII/8 — drottins ‘of the Lord’

Kallaz kærr af öllum
Krists bróðir guðs móður
systur sonr inn hæsti
sannr í drottins ranni.
Jácobus hefir aukið
öll verk og stórmerki,
verður vegs til dýrðar
vóttr postuli drottins.
Drekki hier dreingir inni
dýrligt Jácóbs minni.

Kærr bróðir Krists kallaz af öllum sannr sonr systur móður guðs, inn hæsti í ranni drottins. Jácobus hefir aukið öll verk og stórmerki, postuli drottins, verður vóttr vegs til dýrðar. Drekki dreingir hier inni dýrligt minni Jácóbs.

The dear brother of Christ is called by all the true son of the sister of the mother of God [= Mary], the highest in the house of the Lord. James has performed all deeds and great feats, the Apostle of the Lord, a worthy witness of the way to glory. Let the lads herein drink a glorious memorial toast for James.


[4] drottins ‘of the Lord’: Cf. 8/8 and Note. — [8] vóttr ... drottins ‘witness ... of the Lord’: Finnur Jónsson (Skj B) marks both vowels as long: <ó> to preserve aðalhending, although at st. 4/2 the late form drottni, with short <o>, is required for aðalhending. (At 1/1, 6/8, 8/4 a form with either <ó> or <o> is possible. The short form has been adopted throughout this edn for consistency, although in 8/8 this produces an irregular rhyme.) Kock (Skald) marks both vowels as short: vottr ... drottins. On variation of forms of dróttinn / drottinn in C14th poetry, see Björn K. Þórólfsson 1925, 6; cf. ANG §127.3.



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