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Anon Andr 1VII/2 — drottins ‘of the Lord’s’

Enn kom elsku þinnar
annarr drottins manna
fýstr í faðminn hæsta,
frið bjóðandi þjóðum.
Fekk Andréas yndi
æstr á krossi mæstum
lofandi guðs í lífi
líkjari himinríkis.

Enn kom annarr drottins manna fýstr þinnar elsku í hæsta faðminn, bjóðandi frið þjóðum. Æstr Andréas, í lífi lofandi líkjari guðs, fekk yndi himinríkis á mæstum krossi.

Again came another of the Lord’s men, eager for your love, into the highest embrace, offering peace to nations. Most noble Andrew, in his life a praiseworthy imitator of God, obtained the joy of the kingdom of heaven on the most glorious cross.


[2] drottins ‘of the Lord’: On the late form drottinn with short <o> in C14th poetry, see Björn K. Þórólfsson 1925, 6; cf. ANG §127.3; Bandle 1956, 183-4, §119. — [2] annarr drottins manna: As the first-called of the disciples of Christ, Andrew is sometimes regarded among the Apostles as second only to Peter, his brother (cf. Mark I.16-20, 29; John I.40-2), a detail which makes its way into hymns to S. Andrew; cf. Mone 1853-5, III, 96, no. 688 (s.xiii) / 1: Post Petrum primum principem Andreas est apostolus ‘After Peter, the first and most eminent, comes the Apostle Andrew’. On S. Andrew see Cross and Livingstone 1983, 51; Jón Þorkelsson 1888, 58, 61, 65-6; Bugge 1956, 133-8; Widding, Bekker-Nielsen and Shook 1963, 299-300; Foote 1976, 159-60; Cormack 1994, 78-80, 240.



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