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Anon Leið 8VII/4 — borðs ‘of the plank’

Sagði bréf, hvat brygði
bitr fár guma ári,
blakks skreytendum brautar
borðs frá dróttins orðum.
‘Hljóta víst’, kvað veitir
vegfróðr hluta góðra,
‘menn þeirs minn dag vinna,
mest angr af því flestir.’

Bréf sagði skreytendum blakks brautar borðs frá orðum dróttins, hvat bitr fár brygði ári guma. Vegfróðr veitir góðra hluta kvað: ‘Flestir menn, þeirs vinna dag minn, hljóta víst mest angr af því’.

The letter told the furnishers of the horse of the path of the plank [SEA > SHIP > SEAFARER] about the Lord’s words, what bitter harm could alter the good fortune of men. The way-wise giver of good things [= God] said: ‘Most men who work on my day will certainly gain the greatest sorrow from it’.


[4] borðs: borð B, 624


[3-4] skreytendum blakks brautar borðs ‘furnishers of the horse of the path of the plank [SEA > SHIPS > SEAFARERS]’: That the apparent retention of B’s reading borð nom. or acc. ‘plank’ in Sveinbjörn Egilsson’s 1844 edn is a misprint is confirmed by Lbs. 1152 8°ˣ (Sveinbjörn’s print copy) which has borðs gen. Sveinbjörn himself first suggested the emendation to borðs in a note to 444ˣ.




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