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Anon Líkn 10VII/7 — lýð ‘to people’

Því ber ek angr, at engu
árs launa ek sárar
skírs, sem skyldugt væri,
skilfingi píningar.
Þó gleðr enn sem aðra
oss, sú er hlauz af krossi
lýð ok lofðungs dauða,
líkn dýr, himinríkis.

Því ber ek angr, at ek launa engu, sem væri skyldugt, skilfingi skírs árs sárar píningar. Þó gleðr enn oss sem aðra dýr líkn, sú er hlauz lýð af krossi ok dauða lofðungs himinríkis.

On this account I bear sorrow, that I requite not at all, as would be due, the king of bright abundance [= God (= Christ)] for his sore torments. Yet there still gladdens us [me] as [well as] others precious grace, which was allotted to people from the Cross and from the death of the king of heaven’s kingdom [= God (= Christ)].


[6, 8, 6] dýr líkn, sú er hlauz lýð ‘precious grace which was allotted to mankind’: Cf. hlaut and líkn in Has 24/1-4. Rydberg 1907, 48 (cf. lxii) emends lýð ‘(common) people, mankind’ (l. 7) to acc. pl. lýða, taken in conjunction with sem aðra (l. 5) as object of gleðr, i.e. ‘which gladdens us as well as other people’.



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