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Anon Líkn 23VII/3 — dróttinn ‘Lord’

Lík fór kennir keykja
krapts með önd til graptar
sitt, ok sæll reis dróttinn
sólar hauðrs af dauða.
Urðu allir fyrðar
angrhegnanda fegnir,
áðr þá er elsku fæðis
aldyggs bani hryggði.

Kennir krapts fór til graptar keykja lík sitt með önd, ok sæll dróttinn sólar hauðrs reis af dauða. Allir fyrðar urðu fegnir angrhegnanda, þá er bani aldyggs fæðis elsku áðr hryggði.

The knower of strength [POWERFUL MAN] went to the grave to quicken his body with spirit, and the blessed Lord of sun’s land [SKY/HEAVEN > = God (= Christ)] arose from death. All men became glad at the harm-suppressor [= God (= Christ)], those whom the death of the fully loyal nourisher of love [= God (= Christ)] earlier grieved.


[3-4] dróttinn sólar hauðrs reis af dauða ‘the Lord of sun’s land [SKY/HEAVEN > = God (= Christ)] arose from death’: In combination with the kenning, the verb equates Christ’s Resurrection with the rising of the sun, a common theme in hymns for prime. Line 4 is identical to Leið 31/4, which also concerns the Resurrection.



case: nom.


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