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Anon Pét 48VII/2 — vel ‘A well’

Varð yfir várum hirði
vel skýrð gleði dýrðar
hærri en heimrinn fyrri
Kemr í stað að styðja
sterkligt trúar merki
mildingr mána foldar
†mýr lífs fyldur skýrum†.

Vel skýrð gleði dýrðar, hærri en heimrinn fyrri ... varð yfir várum hirði. Mildingr foldar mána kemr í stað að styðja sterkligt merki trúar; †mýr lífs fyldur skýrum†.

A well-expounded joy of glory, greater than the world previously ... came over our pastor. The king of the land of the moon [SKY/HEAVEN > = God (= Christ)] comes at once to support the strong standard of faith; ...


[1-2] vel skýrð gleði dýrðar ... varð yfir várum hirði ‘a well-expounded joy of glory ... came over our pastor’: Finnur Jónsson (Skj B) translates: Der opstod hos vor hyrde en velforståelig glædens herlighed ‘There arose in our pastor a perfectly understandable glory of joy.’ Kock points out that the genitival construction dýrðar gleði ‘joy of glory’ = ‘glorious joy’ is well documented (NN §1751, cf. NN §§1007B, 1760). Rather than referring to an ‘understandable’ joy which arises in Peter, however, the passage would appear to refer to the joy in heaven over his repentance, alluding to Luke XV.7 (a verse which is ‘well expounded’): ita gaudium erit in caelo super uno peccatore paenitentiam habente quam super nonaginta novem iustis qui non indigent paenitentia ‘even so there shall be joy in heaven upon one sinner that doth penance, as upon ninety-nine just who need not penance’, cf. e.g. Hóm677 57/10-12: slicr fognodr mon vera ývir einom svngom þeim er iþron górir sem ývir niotegom oc ix. retlotom þeim er eigi þurfo iþronar ‘there will be such joy over one sinful person who does penance as over ninety-nine just who do not need penance’. (For references to several other OWN texts in which the verse is vel skýrð see Kirby 1976-80, I, 255-7.)



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