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Balti Sigdr 1II/8 — falla ‘to fall’

Nú skal lýst, hvé, Lista
læskjarr konungr, — harra
gerðisk afreksorða
efnd — þíns fǫður hefndir.
Létuð — hjalms at holmi
hríð spurðisk sú víða —
— ofkúgi dó jǫfra —
allvaldr, Sigurð falla.

Læskjarr konungr Lista, nú skal lýst, hvé hefndir fǫður þíns; efnd afreksorða harra gerðisk. Allvaldr, létuð Sigurð falla; sú hríð hjalms at holmi spurðisk víða; ofkúgi jǫfra dó.

Deceit-shy king of Lista [NORWEGIAN KING = Sigurðr munnr Haraldsson], now it shall be described how you avenged your father; the fulfilment of the lord’s words of courage took place. Mighty ruler, you caused Sigurðr to fall; that storm of the helmet [BATTLE] near the island was heard of far and wide; the oppressor of princes [= Sigurðr slembidjákn] died.


[5, 8] létuð Sigurð falla ‘you caused Sigurðr to fall’: This statement is not quite in keeping with the actual events that took place: Sigurðr slembidjákn was captured in the water, brought ashore, tortured and executed. Sigurðr munnr was only five years old at the time of this battle. See Note to Ív Sig 36/1, 3.



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