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Bkrepp Magndr 8II/5 — dróttinn ‘The lord’

Vítt bar snarr á slétta
Sandey konungr randir;
rauk of Íl, þás jóku
allvalds menn á brennur.
Grœtti Grenlands dróttinn
— gekk hôtt Skota støkkvir —
— þjóð rann mýlsk til mœði —
meyjar suðr í eyjum.

Snarr konungr bar randir vítt á slétta Sandey; rauk of Íl, þás menn allvalds jóku á brennur. Dróttinn Grenlands grœtti meyjar suðr í eyjum; støkkvir Skota gekk hôtt; mýlsk þjóð rann til mœði.

The swift king carried shields far and wide on level Sanda; smoke drifted throughout Islay when the mighty ruler’s men fuelled the fires. The lord of Grenland [NORWEGIAN KING = Magnús] grieved women south in the isles; the banisher of the Scots [= Magnús] was superior; the people of Mull fled until exhaustion.



case: nom.


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