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ESk Run 3II/3 — lýðum ‘among men’

Vann siklingr sótt
við snarpa drótt
— leyfðs lýðum bær —
Leikbergi nær.
Renir flýðu ríkt
ok reiddu slíkt,
— ǫld festi auð —
sem ǫðlingr bauð.

Siklingr vann sótt nær Leikbergi við snarpa drótt; leyfðs bær lýðum. Renir flýðu ríkt ok reiddu slíkt, sem ǫðlingr bauð; ǫld festi auð.

The ruler fought close to Leikbjǫrg with his brave retinue; praise must be spread among men. The Renir fled in force and paid out what the prince exacted; people promised riches.


[3] leyfðs bær lýðum ‘praise must be spread among men’: The Mork variant, leyfðs kær lýðum ‘praise is dear to men’ is an equally good reading, but kær ‘dear’ appears to be a lectio facilior in which the <b> in bær ‘spread’ has been replaced with or misread as <k> in the more common kær ‘dear’. For the adj. bærr, see LP: bærr 1 (som kan, bör, skal, bæres eller føres ‘which can, should, must be carried or brought’).



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