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Anon Lil 75VII/4 — dróttinn ‘Lord’

Tárum rigni, en tungan þagni;
taki af mál, en þurftug sálin
beriz um fast, svá að búkinn hristi;
bið eg óttandi, ‘hjálp mier, dróttinn!’
Ævinliga með lyftum lófum,
lof ræðandi, á knie sín bæði
skepnan öll er skyld að falla,
skapari minn, fyrir ásjón þinni.

Rigni tárum, en tungan þagni; mál taki af, en þurftug sálin beriz um fast, svá að búkinn hristi; eg bið óttandi, ‘hjálp mier, dróttinn!’ Ævinliga með lyftum lófum er öll skepnan, ræðandi lof, skyld að falla á bæði knie sín, skapari minn, fyrir ásjón þinni.

Let it rain with tears, but let the tongue be silent, let speech die away, and let the needy soul convulse hard, so that the body shakes; I pray fearfully, ‘help me, Lord!’ Unceasingly, with lifted hands, uttering praise, all creation should fall to both its knees, my Creator, before your face.


[4] hjálp mier, dróttinn ‘help me, Lord’: Reminiscent of the psalmist’s cry, adiuva me Domine ‘help me, Lord’ (Pss. LXIX.6 and CVIII.26), as well as of the terrified disciples’ Herra hialpa þu os ‘Lord, help us’ during a storm at sea (Hið Nya Testament 1540 [Sigurður Nordal 1933]; Matt. VIII.25) and of the Canaanite woman’s plea for help for her daughter: hialpa þu mier Herra ‘help me, Lord’ (Sigurður Nordal 1933; Matt. XV.25).



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