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Gamlkan Has 32VII/4 — dróttni ‘Lord’

Engr mun alls á þingi
ísheims vesa þvísa
jóskreytandi ítrum
óttalauss fyr dróttni,
éla vangs þvít englar
jǫfurs skjalfa þá sjalfir
— ógn tekr môttug magnask —
mæts við ugg ok hræzlu.

Alls engr ísheims jóskreytandi mun vesa óttalauss fyr ítrum dróttni á þvísa þingi, þvít sjalfir englar mæts jǫfurs vangs éla skjalfa þá við ugg ok hræzlu; môttug ógn tekr magnask.

Not a single adorner of the horse of the ice-world [(lit. ‘horse-adorner of the ice-world’) SEA > SHIP > SEAFARER] will be fearless before the glorious Lord at this assembly, for the very angels of the worthy king of the field of storms [SKY/HEAVEN > = God] will tremble then with fear and dread; mighty terror will begin to increase.


[4] dróttni: so 399a‑bˣ, ‘[...]rottne’ B


[4] óttalauss fyr dróttni ‘fearless before the Lord’: Lines on this pattern occur frequently in Christian poetry. Cf. Has 36/6 óttlaust af því móti ‘fearless from the meeting’, and Líkn 52/6 óttlaust með þér dróttinn ‘fearless with you, Lord’. Almost identical ll. occur three times in Leið, always in sts describing the peace of heaven, where the saved will live óttalauss með dróttni ‘fearless with the Lord’, either as a result of their own prayers (40/6), or of Christ’s intervention at the Last Judgement (41/8). The first refrain in Leið, which describes the praise of angels and men, contains the l. óttlaust ok lið dróttni (13/6).



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