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Gamlkan Has 41VII/6 — grundar ‘of the plain’

Kosti hverr við harra
— hætts ella mjǫk — sættask
byrjar láðs — hvat bíðum?
blikvaldr þrimu tjalda.
Opt verðr Ægis leiptra
ein stund viðum grundar
nauðr erumk ǫll at eyða
andar mein — at seinum.

Hverr blikvaldr tjalda þrimu kosti sættask við harra láðs byrjar; ella [e]s mjǫk hætt; hvat bíðum? Opt verðr ein stund at seinum viðum leiptra grundar Ægis; nauðr erumk at eyða ǫll mein andar.

Let every wielder of the gleam of the tents of battle [(lit. ‘gleam-wielder of the tents of battle’) SHIELDS > SWORD > WARRIOR] try to reconcile himself with the lord of the land of the fair wind [SKY/HEAVEN > = God]; otherwise, there is great danger; what are we waiting for? Often one hour will be too late for the trees of the lightnings of the plain of Ægir <sea-king> [SEA > GOLD > MEN]; it is a necessity for me to blot out all injuries of the spirit.


[5-6] viðum leiptra grundar Ægis ‘for trees of the lightnings of the plain of Ægir [SEA > GOLD > MEN]’: Cf. 53/5-8, where God is characterised as láðvaldr glóða hróts leiptra ‘land-king of the fires of the roof of lightnings’.



case: gen.


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