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Nefari Lv 1II/6 — felldan ‘have fallen’

Týnum Birkibeinum!
Beri Sverrir hlut verra!
Lǫtum randhœing reyndan
ríða hart ok tíðum!
Hœlumk minnst í máli!
Metumk heldr at val felldan!
Lǫtum skipta guð giptu!
Gerum hríð, þás þeim svíði!

Týnum Birkibeinum! Beri Sverrir verra hlut! Lǫtum reyndan randhœing ríða hart ok tíðum! Hœlumk minnst í máli! Metumk heldr at felldan val! Lǫtum guð skipta giptu! Gerum hríð, þás svíði þeim!

Let’s destroy the Birkibeinar! May Sverrir suffer defeat! Let’s make the tested shield-rim salmon [SWORD] swing hard and frequently! Let’s boast the least in our speech! Rather, let’s measure ourselves when the slaughtered ones have fallen! Let’s allow God to decide the outcome! Let’s make a storm that will smart for them!


[6] felldan: felldum Flat, 8, 81a


[6] at felldan val ‘when the slaughtered ones have fallen’: Lit. ‘after the slain have been felled’. The prep. at ‘after’ is used with the acc. in a temporal sense. The variant with the dat., at felldum val (so 8, 81a) would translate as ‘in accordance with the slaughtered ones who have fallen’.



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