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Stúfr Stúfdr 2II/8 — vel ‘good’

Fór ofrhugi inn øfri
eggdjarfr und sik leggja
— fold vas víga valdi
virk — Jórsali ór Girkjum.
Ok með œrnu ríki
óbrunnin kom gunnar
heimil jǫrð und herði.
Hafi ríks, þars vel líkar.

Inn øfri ofrhugi fór eggdjarfr ór Girkjum leggja und sik Jórsali; fold vas virk valdi víga. Ok með œrnu ríki kom heimil jǫrð óbrunnin und herði gunnar. Hafi ríks, þars vel líkar….

The very reckless one set out, sword-daring, from the Greeks to subjugate Jerusalem; the country was submissive to the controller of combats [WARRIOR]. And because of his abundant force the land was delivered as his due, unburned, to the strengthener of battle [WARRIOR]. May the powerful have, where it is good to be….


[8] Hafi ríks þars vel líkar: so , 39, F, J2ˣ, Haralds ǫnd ofarr lǫndum Mork, H, FskBˣ, FskAˣ, Haralds kund ofra lǫndum Flat, hefir ríks þat líkat Hr, hafi ríks þess vel líkat E



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