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Sigv Lv 11I/3 — lýðum ‘on men’

Seinn þykki mér sunnan
sókndjarfr Haralds arfi;
langrs, en lýðum þrøngvir
lífs sorg, konungs morginn.
Hvatkis heiðis gatna
hyrtælanda sælan
— nú hefk vætt í dag dróttins —
dvelr, bíðk hans í Selju.

Sókndjarfr arfi Haralds þykki mér seinn sunnan; langrs morginn konungs, en sorg lífs þrøngvir lýðum. Hvatkis dvelr sælan heiðis gatna hyrtælanda, bíðk hans í Selju; nú hefk vætt dróttins í dag.

The attack-brave heir of Haraldr [= Óláfr] seems late to me [in coming] from the south; long is the king’s morning, and life’s sorrow presses on men. Whatever delays the fortunate destroyer of the flame of the paths of the hawk [ARMS > GOLD > GENEROUS MAN], I await him in Selja; now I have been expecting [my] lord today.


[3] en lýðum: so 73aˣ, 71ˣ, at lýða Flat, Tóm, ‘enn lydinn’ 76aˣ


[3] en … þrøngvir lýðum ‘and … presses on men’: There is a general consensus that only the Bæb reading represented in 73aˣ and 71ˣ gives sense here (Skj B; Skald; Jón Skaptason 1983, 196).



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